2023 5th International Conference on Information Technology and Computer Application (ITCA 2023)



The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

New-generation Information Technology

Communication Network

Internet of Things (IoT)

High-performance Integrated Circuits

New Panel Display

Cloud Computing

Information Processing

Speech and Image Processing

Mode Recognition and Devices 

Information Systems and Security

Mode Recognition and Artificial Intelligence

Real-time Signal and Processing

Communication Technology

Information Management Systems

5G Communication and Signal Processing

5G Technology Application, Development and Service Standard

Development of Intelligent Communication and Software Development

Communication Security and Privacy

Basics of Computer Science

Computer Theory and Application

Arithmetic Logical Unit and Control Unit (CPU)

Computer Security & Cloud system

Computer Testing and Verification

Computer Peripherals

Computer Software

Progrma Design

Algorithmic Language 

Operating Systems

Application Software

Management Program

Computer Networks

Basic Network Technology

Network Security and Management

Network Operations

Computer Network Application 

Network Devics